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Data science training in Lucknow from certified experts at Promosys TEchnoogy covers all the latest and modules which are in requirement by the industries. Data Science Training in Lucknow in Lucknow or DS Training in lucknow by Promosys Technology is well known for its result oriented programs and experienced team.Promosys Technology is one of the Best DS training Institute in Lucknow providing 100% placement support.The DS training in Lucknow is the premier training institute in Lucknow.Our data science courses in Lucknow can help you to learn various data analytics techniques Python,R,SAS and Tableau.Data Science Course content is designed by experts to match with the real world requirements for both beginner and advance level.Many real world problems and case studies are implemented throughout the course and discussed in the class with tons of assignments for practice.Course is best suitable for working professionals who are looking for classroom data science training in Lucknow and start their career in data science.We are rated as one of the best Institute for providing data science courses and training in Lucknow. Data Science Training in Lucknow by Promosys says that Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that involves Programming skills in Python, R Programme and sound business acumen and other Statistical methods.A Qualified Data Scientist is expected to possess excellent statistical and Programming skills with an eye for detail. Data science is utilized in a wide range of sectors in the economy and expected to shape the future of the business world.

Many different industries across the world are utilizing Data Science for enriched user experience growth and expanssion. They capture the viewing pattern data of consumers and helps to optimize search results based on the user's preferences. Various E-commerce companies across the world are utilizing Data Science to provide better delivery of services by bringing out the best offers on products that are searched or in wishlist on their platforms.We are the leading training institute in Lucknow for Data science training in lucknow.

This course at best data science training institute in Lucknow will benefit you to master data science skills and will help you to handle interview with more confidence if you are looking for job in data science domain.If you are a working professional and looking for classroom data science training in Lucknow to start your career in data science domain, you can join our best data science training in Lucknow.



  •   Introduction to Data Science
  •  Data Analysis at Walmart
  •  What is Data Science?
  •  Who is a Data Scientist?
  •   Data Science Skill Set
  •  Data Science Job Roles
  •  Data Life Cycle
  •  Statistics & Probability
  •   Categories of Data
  •  Qualitative Data
  •  Quantitative Data
  •  What is Statistics?
  •  Basic Terminologies in Statistics Sampling Techniques
    Random Sampling
    Systematic Sampling
    Stratified Sampling
  •  Types of Statistics
  •  Descriptive Statistics
  •  Measures of Spread Range
    Inter Quartile Range
    Standard Deviation
  •   Confusion Matrix
  •  Probability
  •  What is Probability?
  •  Types of Events
  •  Probability Distribution
  •  Probability Density Function
  •  Normal Distribution
  •  Standard Deviation & Curve
  •  Central Limit Theorem
  •  Types of Probablity Marginal Probablity
    Joint Probablity
    Conditional Probablity
  •  Use-Case
  •  Bayes Theorem
  •  Inferential Statistics
  •  Hypothesis Testing
  •  Basics of Machine Learning
  •  Need for Machine Learning
  •   What is Machine Learning?
  •  Machine Learning Definitions
  •  Machine Learning Process
  •  Supervised Learning Algorithm
  •  What is Regression?
  •  Linear vs Logistic Regression
  •  Linear Regression
  •  Where is Linear Regression used?
  •  Understanding Linear Regression
  •  What is R-Square?
  •  Logistic Regression
  •  Logistic Regression Curve
  •  Logistic Regression Equation
  •  Logistic Regression Use-Cases
  •  Implement Logistic Regression Import Libraries
    Analyzing Data
    Data Wrangling
    Train & Test Data
    Implement Logistic Regression
  •  SUV Data Analysis
  •   Decision Trees
  •  What is Classification?
  •  Types of Classification Decision Tree
    Random Forest
    Naive Bayes
  •  What is Decision Tree?
  •  Decision Tree Terminologies
  •  CART Algorithm
  •  Entropy
  •  What is Entropy?
  •  Random Forest
  •  Types of Classifier
  •  Why Random Forest?
  •  What is Random Forest?
  •  How Random Forest Works?
  •  Random Forest Algorithm
  •  K Nearest Neighbour
  •  What is KNN Algorithm?
  •  KNN Algorithm Working
  •  kNN Example
  •  What is Naive Bayes?
  •  Bayes Theorem
  •  Bayes Theorem Proof
  •  Naive Bayes Working
  •  Types of Naive Bayes
  •  Support Vector Machine
  •  What is SVM?
  •  How does SVM work?
  •  Introduction to Non-Linear SVM
  •  SVM Example
  •  Unsupervised Learning Algorithms - KMeans
  •  What is Unsupervised Learning?
  •  Unsupervised Learning: Process Flow
  •  What is Clustering?
  •  Types of Clustering
  •  K-Means Clustering
  •  K-Means Algorithm Working
  •  K-Means Algorithm
  •  Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
  •  Hierarchical Clustering
  •  Association Clustering
  •  Association Rule Mining
  •  Apriori Algorithm
  •  Apriori Demo
  •  What is Reinforcement Learning?
  •  Reinforcement Learning Process
  •  Markov Decision Process
  •  Understanding Q - Learning
  •  The Bellman Equation
  •  What is Deep Learning?
  •  Why we need Artificial Neuron?
  •  Perceptron Learning Algorithm
  •  Activation Function
  •  Single Layer Perceptron
  •  What is Tensorflow?
  •  What is a Computational Graph?
  •  Limitations of Single Layer Perceptron
  •  Multi-Layer Perceptron
  •  What is Backpropagation?
  •  Backpropagation Learning Algorithm
  •  Multi-layer Perceptron Demo


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