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Angular-Js training in Lucknow by promosys Technologies not only provides the training but also shapes the future of the candidates by imparting the dedicated guidence over the future as well. We provide Angular Js training in Lucknow to Individuals as well as to corporates.Our professionals are very highly capable and have great experience in providing training and path to get success in the course domain. We provide quality IT training, which focuses on practical's and hence we are able to placing students in big multi national companies.
We being the best Angular JS training institute have designed course content in such a way that it can be very helpful in every candidate future. And also provide the dedicated training according to market trend with live projects on the Angular JS training in Lucknow.The goal of Promosys is to provide you the corporate training to increase your knowledge in the field for your bright future. Also we provide you the certificates on the successful completion of your course, this course is extremely helpful in every field and domain where every candidate is looking to set up the career. We prepare our students for job interviews and also provide placement assistance.We have tied up with MNC where we placed our students.Our mission is to prepare students so that they can crack any interviews. Our dedicated efforts, management planning and trainers efforts are the main reson behing our success and we feel happy when our results makes us to stand as the best Angular Js training institute in Lucknow. AngularJS is one of the JavaScript open-source web application frameworks which is generally used to add an HTML page along with a tag. The major aim of AngularJS is to simplify the application development and testing performance by providing a framework called MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture. It enables the application to change from bulk amount of programming code into a simple code.

Our strong vision is to make the candidate well aware about all the latest technology tools and to provide the all round development it is the reason we have provided the best placement across the states in almost all the training course that we are running at our centres located in different locations.

  •   AngularJS Training Objectives  :  
    The main objective of Angular JS is to reduce the code to build user interface applications
    To create single page applications
    To restore data from back-end server and manipulate it easily
  • AngularJS Introduction  :    
    Introduction To Client Side Scripting Languages
    Basics of Javascript and jQuery
    Introduction to AngularJS and Its History
    Why should we use AngularJS?
  •   Execution flow  :  
  •   Controllers  :  
    Properties, Methods
    Binding controllers with views
    Controller hierarchy
    Sharing data between controllers
  • Bootstrapping Angular APPS  :  
    Auto bootstrap  
    Custom bootstrap
  •   Data Binding  :  
    Binding Model Objects
    Model Objects Visibility
    Difference between $scope & $rootScope
    Using $emit and $broadcast
    Use of $watch, $digest & $apply
  •   Understanding AngularJS Architecture  :  
  •   Dependency Injection  :  
    What is Dependency Injection?
    Implicit DI
    Inline Array Annotated DI
    $inject Array Annotated DI
  •   Expressions  :  
    AngularJs Expressions, AngularJS Numbers
    AngularJS Strings, AngularJS Arrays
    AngularJS Objects
  •   Directives  :  
    Power of directives
    Working with built in directives
    Working with custom directives
  •   Filters  :  
    Adding Filters to Expressions, Directives
    Working with built in filters
    Creating custom filters
  •   Events  :  
    Hiding HTML Elements
    ng-show, ng-hide
  •   Modules  :  
    Controllers Pollute the Global Namespace
    AngularJS Application Files
  •   AngularJS XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)  :  
    AngularJS $http
  •   AngularJS Forms & Input Validation  :  
  •   AngularJS Service Types  :  
    Constants and Values, Factories
    Services, Providers
  •   Single Page Applications  :  
    What is SPA?
    How to work with SPA in angular
    Working with routes
    Static & dynamic routing
  •   REST API Calls  :  
    Overview of REST API
    Use of angular resource module
  •   Animations  :  
    Overview of transitions
    Use of angular animate module
  •   Angular with UI Frameworks  :  
    ui boostrap


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