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HVAC Training in Lucknow is a dedicated program designed to prepare individuals to specialize in installing and maintaining heating and air-conditioning units in residential homes, retail stores, and other buildings.Added energy regulations, booming construction industry, consumer awareness and a wide product range are different factors that have added to the ambiguity and doubt in the minds of customers and clients.This HVAC Training in Lucknow provider specializes in services provided with HVAC systems design, site inspections, evaluations, retrofit design, project management, measurement and testing. At PromoSys Technology we have crafted the training according to the future demands of technologies and international standards to provide the best programs. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) business has dynamically changed due to events that have taken place over the past years. All the efforts and the dedicated team makes this academy as the Best HVAC training in Lucknow.

HVAC training course in Lucknow focusses on practical approach using state-of-the-art infrastructure for performing hands-on exercises and real-world simulations. This extensive hands-on experience in HVAC training ensures that you absorb the knowledge and skills that you will need to apply at work.Promosys Technology HVAC Training Institute is specialized in services provided with HVAC systems design, site inspections, evaluations, retrofit design, project management, measurement and testing.Our dedicated team efforts and management makes us the mos t advanced HVAC Training institute in Lucknow.We understand the importance of training and your future, we dedicately workout on the latest technologies and innovations to make your training time successful. The HVAC Training in Lucknow involves training on Heating, Ventilating, and also on Air Conditioning training sector,and there is huge requirement in India and Gulf Countries, in HVAC Training we focus on Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines,Ductable Split A/C, Ductable Package A/C, Package Roof Top Units, Central Plant ,Chill Water System, Classification of Air-Conditioning System, Categories of Air Conditioning. One of the best thing is that these technology will provides you the better job with good salary package across the world. Promosystech Programs include Real Time Projects and Onsite Projects experience which will be shared our real time Trainers working on the Major Projects from HVAC industry experience.Our team members helps you in understanding the real tasks at the site where you can see actually how the work is going on.We focus on the core strength of candidates to bring out the best results of candidate to make their future bright and all it makes us the best HVAC Training in Lucknow. .

Why to join HVAC Training by Promosystech

Promosys also provides HVAC training in Lucknow during the summer and winter time for all the professionals. Promosys also offers excellent placement and job oriendted programs to every student in this domain. Promosys technology provides a number of career oriented courses for different segments like student, job seekers and professionals. Promosys is most trusted HVAC training company in Lucknow in engineering domain. All branches of Promosys are well equipped with training and development facility and great infrastructure required for HVAC training. Promosys trainers who provide HVAC training in Lucknow have more than 15 years Industry experience faculty. Promosys provides practical training as well as theoretical classes to clear the basic fundamental concept in every domain. Promosys provides exhaustive practice session to learn the concept effectively in Lucknow. Promosys encourages students to use the labs to gain better technical viability and experience. Promosys’s mission is to become most essential, respected and professional development company in Lucknow.

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  •   Introduction to HVAC Scope of HVAC Industry with overview of Consulting & Construction industry
    Concepts of Air conditioning systems
    Principles of air conditioning
    Refrigerant cycle
    Chilling system
    Humidification Methods
    Dehumidification Methods
    Air-conditioning systems
    Local cooling comfort System
    Window Air conditioning
    Split Air conditioning
    VRV- Air conditioning
    Chilled water Fan coil unit
    Central Air Conditioning System
    Chilled water system
    Psychometric chart
    Properties of Air (DBT, %RH, WBT, , DPT, ENTHALPY.)
    Types of Refrigerant
    Evaporating & Condensing properties of refrigerant
    Refrigerant Pipe sizing methods
  •  Heat Load Estimation Basics of Heat transfer in a building envelop
    Understanding of Outdoor & Indoor Conditions
    Correction to Outdoor temperature & Indoor temperature requirements
    Exposure of Wall, Latitude of Location, Yearly Range, Daily Range etc
    Factors effecting the loads estimate
    Sources of Heat Gain
    External- Sun Gain through Glass/Window, SunGain through Roof/Wall, Partition gain
    Internal - People, Lights, Electrical Equipments, Motors, Kitchen Appliances, Heat gain through Infiltration air, Heat gain thorough Ventilation & By-pass air, Heat gain through ducts. Calculating RSH, RLH,OASH,OALH, GTH, ESHF, ADP, Dehumidified CFM
    Heat loss calculations
    Basics of Heat loss in a building envelop
    Sources of Heat loss
    Heat loss through Glass/window, Heat loss through Roof/Wall
    Heat loss through Partition Glass/wall/Floor/slab
    Heat loss through Infiltration air/Ventilation air & Bypass air
    Heat loss through slab on Grade
  •  Design of Air Distribution System Components of Air distribution system
    Types of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Dampers, Types of Diffusers, Return Air Grill, Flexible Duct, Flexible Connector, End Cap, Sound Attenuator etc
    Duct Elbows selections (Long radius, Short radius-No throat, Throat elbows, with heel radius, throat radius & radius of elbow)
    Vanes location & number of vanes required
    Duct Material Calculation- GI sheet, Total sheet required in kgs. Gauge of duct & Thickness of Gauge. Hanger Spacing, Hanger Rod Diameter and Angle support Size
    Duct designing methods
    Fixed Velocity method
    Equal friction Method
    Static regain method
    Fan selection
    Static pressure calculation
    Supply & Return Duct configuration, Assigning Velocity of Air (FPM) to each Section of Supply and Return Duct
    Low Velocity system
    Medium Velocity System
    High Velocity System
    Components of Air Distribution (Duct) System, Supply and Return Duct configurations (Extended Plenum Systems, Radial System, Trunk and Branch system)
    Stair Well Pressurization System Designing Design of Ventilation system.
    Introduction to Ventilation system
    Types Of Ventilation
    Components of Ventilation system
    Restaurant Kitchen Ventilation
    Residence Kitchen Ventilation
    Basement parking Ventilation
    Basement Ventilation In case of Fire DG ,GG & GT Exhaust Se
  •  Chilled Water system design Introduction to Chilled water system, Hot watersystem
    Classification of chillers
    As per Evaporator
    As per Condenser
    As per compressor
    Chiller arrangements, Cooling tower arrangement, Types of cooling tower & Expansion tank connections
    Pumps required in Chilled water system
    Production Pumps
    Distribution Pumps
    Pump Classifications
    Chilled water system pipe designing
    Pipe designators, Piping standards
    Piping fittings and Components
    Valves used in Chilled water system
    Chilled water and Hot water GPM calculation
    Calculation of Water Velocity FPS on Suction and Discharge side of Pump
    District Cooling System
    Friction loss calculation for the piping system
    Friction Loss in Straight Pipes
    Friction Loss in Straight Pipes
    Friction Loss in Fittings
    Valves used in Chilled Water System
    Friction Loss in Valves & Special components
    Calculating TDH for Pump (Open Piping System and Closed Piping System)
    Pipe Sizing Manual Method Hazen-Williams Equation for Calculating Friction Loss
    Pump Cavitations & NPSH Calculation for Pump
  •  Equipment Selection AHU&FCU classification and selection
    Package Unit Selection DX- Chiller Selection
    Condenser Selection (Air cooled, Water Cooled, Evaporative)
    Cooling Tower Selection Mixed Air Temperature HRF for Open and Closed Compressor
    Expansion Tank Selection
  •  Erection of Equipments Detailing& Installation of Chillers
    Detailing& Installation of Air handling units
    Detailing& Installation of Package units
    Detailing& Installation of Fan coil units
    Detailing& Installation of Condensing units
  •  Estimation of Project Understanding the tendering requirements
    Take Off Sheet
    Preparing Inquiry for Suppliers
    Preparing Rate of Analysis
    Finalizing the suppliers
    Final Billing & Quotations finalization
  •  Documents Approvals Preparation of Material submittals
    Shop drawing submittals
    Approval Drawings
    Tender Drawings
    Working Drawings
    Co-ordination Drawings
    As Built Drawings
    Preparation of BOQ and design documents
    Technical Specifications
  •   Project Procurement works Identifying the critical equipments
    Preparation of purchase orders
    Letter of Intent
    Letter of credit
    Minutes of meeting
  •  Drafting of HVAC Systems Introduction to Drafting
    Types of Drawings used in the industry
    Study & Preparation of Floor Drawings
    Roof Drawings
    Sectional Drawings
    Builders Work Drawings
    Co-ordination Drawings &Riser Diagram Abbreviations & Symbols used


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