Promosys technology provides best Primavera training in Allahabad. The Primavera training course will define how to effectively use the PRIMAVERA. We provide training in Professional project management software and how to apply it to the project management lifecycle. The Primavera training course is made up of a workshop and demonstration to help you apply the knowledge gained during the training course. In Primavera training in Allahabad help you to understand and consider the key parts of any project management lifecycle. You will get to know about the cost, the resources involved and also the schedule of PRIMAVERA training. Primavera training is best as project management enterprise. PRIMAVERA basically provides tools for project managers to create and control projects from their outset until their completion.

This training course is suitable for anyone involved in project management, from the managers themselves to support staff. Primavera Training in Allahabad is effective for any managers as the knowledge gained will assist them across the project lifecycle. This training course is also suitable for assistant managers and other project team members who have a good understanding of the project management principles. One need some knowledge of project management principles is recommended but there are no such formal requirements for the Primavera Professional Fundamental. As Promosys Technology the best training institute in Allahabad mainly focuses on practical application of the knowledge, we don’t as for any homework or evening tasks set. However, we do advise going over any notes or material covered during the training session to ensure any information learnt will be retained. There is examination at the end of the Training as Project Managers course. Join PRIMAVERA training in Allahabad and get trained by professionals.


  •   Project Management Framework
  •  Project
      Project Management
      Project Management Frame work
  •   Organization Structure & Project Lifecycle
  •   Organization structure
      Project Life cycle
      Process Groups & Knowledge Areas
  •   Project Initiation
  •  Develop Project charter
      Identify Stakeholders
  •  Project Planning -1
  •   Develop Project Management Plan
      Plan scope Management
      Collect requirements
      Define Scope
      Create WBS
  •  Project Execution
  •   Manage Communication
      Conduct Procurement
      Manage stakeholder Engagement
  •  Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
  •   Control Quality
    Control communication
  •   Control Risk
  •  Control Procurement
      Control Stakeholders Engagement
  •   Closing Process Group
  •   Close Project or Phase
      Close Procurement
  •  Project Planning – 1
  •   Plan Schedule Management
      Define Activities
      Sequence Activities
      Estimate Activity Resources
      Estimate Activity Duration
      Develop schedule
  •  Project Planning – 2
  •   Plan Cost Management
      Estimate costs
      Determine Budget
      Plan Quality Management
      Plan Human Resource Management
      Plan communication Management
      Plan Risk Management
  •  Project Planning – 2
  •   Identify Risk
      Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
      Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
      Plan Risk Response
      Plan Procurement Management
      Plan stakeholders Management
  •   Project Execution
  •   Direct and Manage Project work
      Perform quality Assurance
      Acquire Project Team
      Develop Project Team
      Manage Project Team


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